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Thursday, 20 December 2012

About me

Hey looks like I skipped this part by accident and is a little late but better late than never i guess

<   Um hi???          |

So time for indroductions,my name is Yue Sheng and no nicknames and such.Feel free to call me whatever you want I don't really mind. I always play games such as Minecraft and League of Legends as a past time and some other games,but I play those the most.Story of my life.Not as COLOURFUL as you think.

So anyways my friends have told me i'm weird,straight forward and "unique" don't know if is a compliment or insult. =/

Anyways was told to put a link to the PICASA web album so click HERE

I pretty much covered everything I need to so bye....

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A video that caught my eye

This video explains why we some times experience a feeling where something feel familiar,also known as Déjà vu.

What I learnt from this video is....
-Déjà vu happens when two processes in our brain is out of sync
-When we are about to fall sleep,our muscles relax and at that point,if some part of our brain is still awake it will send out a signal that cause our muscles to twitch
-Sometimes people who are blind caused by damage to the visual cortex can still "see" as the preliminary part of the brain still get the signal sent by their eyes causing "Blindsight"

Where I like to go

Well this is where I went with my friends and I had fun I guess.

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